Greek Carnival Fair

The first Asterakia Greek Carnival Fair is finally here and it's open to everyone! Dress up and come and celebrate with us the Greek Carnival!

Come and enjoy a fun performance while exploring the Greek Carnival traditions, music dance and games.

After the performance you will have the chance to enjoy:

Soft play by Skyes dream Soft Play Hire
Art and crafts activities by Nannuka UK
Face painting by Zarazoo Facepainting
Meet the mascot by MKB Parties ( Spider Man and Poppy the troll)
Pumpering Experience for girls by Children Pumper Parties
Candy Floss and Popcorn machine by Honey PoP Party and Events
Delicious food from the Hellenic Bakery.
Kebabs from Mama's Pitta

Date: 17/02/18
Time: 11:00-13:00
Place: St. Lukes Church, Phipps Hatch Lane, EN2 0HL

Greek Carnival Fair

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