Ti Akous?

This song is about everything that we can hear around us. You can find the lyrics below, in both Greek and Greek-English. You can also find the translation. Enjoy!

Τι ακούς;
Τι ακούς, τι ακούς, τι ακούς τριγύρω σου τι ακούς, τι ακούς, τι ακούς τριγύρω σου, άνοιξε τ'αυτακια σου καλά, άκου δεξιά κι'αριστερα άκου πάνω, άκου κάτω άκουσε προσεχτικά...... σσσσσσσσς.

Ti akous?
Ti akous, ti akous, ti akous triyiro sou (x2) anikse t’aftakia sou kala, akou deksia k’aristera, akou pano, akou kato, akouse prosextika, shhhhhhhh.

What can you hear?
What can you hear, what can you hear around, open your ears and listen to the right and listen to the left, listen up and listen down, listen carefully.


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