I Kiria Terithona - Mrs Cavity

A fun song about the importance of brushing our teeth! You can find below the lyrics in both Greek and Greek-English. You can also find the translation. Enjoy!

H Κυρία τερηδόνα
H Κυρία τερηδόνα έρχεται σιγά σιγά σιγα, της αρέσουν τα δοντάκια που δεν είναι καθαρά. Τρρτρρρρ Τρέξε!!!!! Για αυτό βούρτσισε, τα δόντια σου καλά, πάνω και κάτω απαλά, πάνω, κάτω, κάτω πάνω, πάνω, κάτω, κάτω, πάνω. Για να δω: είναι καθαρά; μπράβο Αστερακια μου καλά. Έχω κάτασπρα δοντάκια, όμορφα σαν διαμαντακια, όταν φάω τα βουρτσίζω, τερηδόνα φύγε πίσω, τερηδόνα φύγε πίσω, τερηδόνα πίσω.

I Kiria Terithona
I Kiria Terithona, erhete siya siya, tis aresoun ta thodakia pou then ine kathara. TRRRR, trekse!!! Yia afto vourtsise, ta thontia sou kala, pano ke kato apala, pano, kato, kato, pano, pano kato, kato pano. Yia na tho: ine kathara? Bravo Asterakia mou kala. Eho, kataspra thodakia omprfa san thiamadakia, otan fao ta vourtizo, terithona fiye piso, terithona fiye piso, terithona fiye piso.

Mrs Cavity
Mrs Cavity comes silently, and she likes the teeth which are not clean. Trrrrr, Run!!!! So brush your teeth with up and down movements. Can I see? Are they clean! Well done little stars! I have white teeth, beautiful like diamonds, when I eat I brush them, cavity go away, cavity go away.


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